How to Start Your Own Greeting Card Business

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Add-on Pack 1: $29.97 Sale price of just $19.97

(Recession Sale Price Won't Last Long)

Here's how you keep adding to your commercial card stock collection.  The perfect way to add more options and more holidays to your collection of greeting card templates... without any work!

This Add-on Pack contains 100 4"x5" hi-res (300 dpi) digital download templates and 100 4"x6" hi-res (300 dpi) digital download templates.  That's a total of 200 digital photo greeting card templates... complete with a FREE $37.00 commercial license that lets you do just about anything you want with these templates short of selling or giving away the blank templates.

Here's the themes contained in Add-on Greeting Card Pack 1:

  • Children

  • Halloween set 2

  • Tropical Sunsets and Holidays

  • Victorian Antique Heritage Cards

Check out the thumbnail images now...

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